The popular American actor Andrew Garfield, He has surprised all his fans and followers by daring to speak in Spanish, earning the love of all his Latino fans, who have also been amazed by his accent.

It is no secret to anyone that the Latino fans of various actors from hollywood, they love listening to their favorite stars speaking in the Spanish language. And it is that as we all know, it is not so common to see Latino actors within the demanding American film industry.

But a user of the social network Twitter, has shared an old video of an interview that Andrew Garfield had before the premiere of one of the installments of ‘The amazing Spider-man’, where he dared to say a few words in Spanish and surprised everyone.

To the surprise of many, the British-American actor uttered several words in Spanish and he did it in a very good way, which amazed all his Latino followers.

The video, although old, has become a trend on social networks, where thousands of Internet users recommend the protagonist of ‘Tick Tick Boom’ who dares to study the Spanish language in a deeper way.

And you, did you like seeing Andrew Garfield speaking in Spanish?