Andrew Garfield will he become the new Joker on the big screen? Some fans have requested it. And we understand that this, in itself, is controversial and the work of Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger Y Joaquin phoenix

This topic came up during a video of the magazine GQ, where the Californian actor set out to answer all kinds of questions asked by fans. This is how it came to the domains of Twitter, where he found the comment of a user who made mention of his work in films such as Social Network, Mainstream and Silence, for which he considered that it was not a bad idea to postulate him as the next Joker and appear alongside Robert Pattinson in a sequel to The Batman .

although he appreciated the compliment, he did not hesitate for a moment and mentioned the following: “no, not at all. I wouldn’t get close. It is very sweet of you to think that it is possible, but I don’t think I can ever do it because of what Heath Ledger did, what Jack Nicholson did and of course Joaquin Phoenix did his own genius, “said Garfield.

And it is in this way, in which Andrew Garfield discarded once and for all all the numbers that could have been created around this request made by a fan. So no matter how much they ask him, the protagonist of The Mystery of Silver Lake and A Reason to Live is very clear: he will never become the next Joker.