Andrei Razin threatened Yuri Shatunov with prison and the destruction of his career by openly publishing a post from his account on a social network now banned in Russia. However, after the news of the singer’s death, the producer urgently “cleaned up” all publications with harsh statements.

Komsomolskaya Pravda journalists reminded Shatunov’s fans that shortly before his death, the singer openly complained about Razin’s aggressive behavior.

In one of the interviews, the artist admitted that the ex-producer threatened to “rub him into powder.” because of the case on the rights to the well-known hits of Shatunov.

“I’m already tired of these courts, Razin won’t let me breathe. “I’ll grind you to powder! You and your director will rot on the bunk!” This is what he writes to me. I don’t want to be associated with this person in any way. Believe me, he did a lot of terrible things, he wants me to be his slave. I am an adult, I am tired of this pressure and threats, ”Komsomolskaya Pravda quotes Yura Shatunov as saying.

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As you know, for the past few years, Shatunov has been suing Razin for the rights to the most popular songs of Tender May. Razin insisted that the artist could not sing his greatest hits under the terms of the contract for the rights to these songs, which the producer concluded with some American company.

However, the legal proceedings finally ended in favor of Shatunov, who defended his right to sing his songs. Only a few days after this decision was made, Yura died. The artist died of a massive heart attack on June 23.