The legal battle between the football player’s mother and his ex-wife Alisa Kazmina, who suffers from health problems, has been completed. The woman demanded monetary compensation from the journalist for living in her house. The court sided with the athlete’s parent.

Recall that the trial was conducted because of the St. Petersburg mansion, which is recorded on Tatyana Ivanovna, since last year. At first, Arshavin’s mother made sure that her ex-daughter-in-law left the housing she occupied after parting with the football player, and then stated that Kazmina was obliged to pay her money for using the cottage.

Arshavin’s parent estimated her losses at almost two million rubles, the interest amounted to almost 40 thousand rubles. If at first the court was on the side of Alice, then Tatyana Ivanovna filed an appeal, which was satisfied.

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