The popular Puerto Rican ragpicker bad bunny released his new album “A summer without you” in which he has already broken numerous reproduction records around the world. But on this album space has also been given for a special song, “Andrea”, which tells the story of a terrible femicide in Puerto Rico.

Andrea is Bad Bunny’s song that recounts the femicide of Andrea Ruiz, a Puerto Rican murdered by her partner in 2021 and that could have been avoided if the Puerto Rican justice had acted when the young woman made the first complaints.

“The Bad Rabbit” puts in the spotlight the violence against women that occurs throughout the world, particularly in Latin America, region where there are the highest rates of femicides worldwide.

After the release of the song, Alexandra Ruiz Costas, Andrea’s sister, thanked Bad Bunny for using her sister’s story not only to pay tribute to her, but also to highlight the problem of gender violence in Latin America.

“It was something that surprised us. It is a great honor to have the name of Andrea, but I know that it goes beyond my sister’s case. Bad Bunny dedicates it to all those women who are going through a situation of this type, “said Alexandra in an interview with Univisión.

The single is a collaboration between Bad Bunny and the Puerto Rican group Seeker, which alludes to the wave of femicides that afflicts Latin America.

“Hey, she doesn’t want a flower. She just wants to not be withered. That when she buys bread, they don’t ask for it. Don’t ask her what she did yesterday. And a beautiful future invite you. Give him respect. And never take it off. That they give her respect And she never took it from him. What, give him respect. And never take it off. No, never take it off.”