The ballet star once again invited journalists, saying that she had something to tell the press.

Volochkova remembered the lawsuit with the Bolshoi Theater, paid attention to disputes with her neighbors in the suburban village where her mansion is located, and traditionally complained about problems in her personal life. In particular, Anastasia was outraged by the fact that the public is interested in her men.

She stressed that at the moment she does not have a permanent boyfriend and she can afford to meet with anyone she wants.

“I am amazed at the speed with which people snatch information about my beloved. Listen, when I get married, it will be the happiest day of my life and I will be faithful and devoted to one person. But now my heart is free. Do you think I should sit and wait? — Anastasia asked emotionally.

The ballerina added that she was not chasing the oligarchs. It is arranged by simple guys from the village. Nevertheless, a simple hard worker is unlikely to be able to become Volochkova’s husband, since she does not refuse her high demands.

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