Expert of the Financial University under the Government Igor Yushkov in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he commented on reports of the “settlement” of gas destined for Moldova in Ukraine.

Yushkov advised to wait for statements from the operator of the Ukrainian gas transmission system.

“There is a high probability that there is nothing, as much as it comes in, as much comes out. And this will mean an aggravation of the conflict, there is a real risk that Gazprom will stop gas supplies, primarily to the Moldovan direction. And in this regard, there will be risks with Moldova. And in fact, this will further aggravate the Russian-Moldovan gas dispute,” the expert explained.

He reminded. that “Gazprom” and previously reduced the volume of supplies to Moldova.

“About 42-43 million cubic meters per day passes through Ukraine. So we have to share this volume for everyone: a little for you, a little for you, and a little for you. And, accordingly, we have already reduced the volume of supplies to Moldova, like the Europeans,” Yushkov said.

The analyst noted that Moldova does not pay the debt under the old contract, so Gazprom can really stop deliveries.

He does not rule out that the attacks on the energy system caused power outages at Ukraine’s mining facilities in the west of the country, and therefore they, accordingly, undersupply Moldova with part of the volume.

“When Russian gas enters the territory of Ukraine, it does not completely transit through it. It is taken from where Ukraine needs it for energy and heat supply, and the same amount as they took along the gas pipeline, they give back to the pipeline in the west, because they have their own production in the west. They produce gas there and, accordingly, they give it to the pipe. Therefore, how much went in, how much came out, “the expert expressed his opinion.

Earlier it was reported that Gazprom is preparing for reduction of gas transit through Ukraine.