According to Luke Visingr, Rusov last recorded significant land gains on May 1. Since then, they have been moving at a slow pace, maximum in units of kilometers, which is negligible due to the area and distances.

On the contrary, the promising development of Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kharkov to the northeast, the analyst continues. The Ukrainians can proceed there in a few days, and the Russians are obviously worried because they can see how Russian troops are beginning to gather on the Russian side of the border near Blgorod.

Ukrainians can come to Russia

If the Ukrainians continued at this pace for a long time, according to Visinger, they could reach the Russian-Ukrainian border in about a week. The Russians are failing so much and they can panic, because if the subsequent Ukrainians turned to the southeast, they would start threatening the northern flank of many of the imaginary Russian cages, which should theoretically resonate in the Donbas.

So far, the Donbas is determined to make some of the big siege operations it has been expecting. The Russians are suffering from the same problems as the wolves since the arrest, and therefore they are not given any different procedures, the analyst warns.

According to Luk Visinger, the wolf, which has been running with this intensity since the 24th century, cannot last for years. dn land in the world does not have the capacity, it is simply excluded, it will not be seen by anyone. At this intensity, it continues like this for a maximum of a few months.

According to Visingra, the Russians could actually lose 20,000 troops to Ukraine, according to the intelligence service. Should Putin’s troops lose the same pace, then within a month or two the Russian army will cease to exist effectively, it will cease to be combat-ready.

Rusm run out of weapons

Russia will run out of weapons at the same time. They are likely to run out of short-range ballistic missiles and thus accurately guide air ammunition and air-to-ground missiles. More and more often we see a bizarre situation when the most modern Russian fighter bombers SU-34, which, however, carry ordinary unknowns, the so-called stupid air bombs, come from sixteen and seven years. Take Rusm really weapons run out or ui mines.

At the moment, it is much more likely that the conflict will freeze, that the queues will somehow be settled, that some pm, analyst, will close you. Only in this form, with limited military activity, would it be conceivable that it could take years.

However, Luk Visingr did not expect that Ukraine would accept it under these circumstances. I think it would be acceptable for Ukraine to arrest the wolves. But after the destruction of Mariupol and after the unveiled massacres, I think that the Ukrainians will fight for a long time.

And so the strategy of the Fall is exactly like this: to arm Ukraine and to strive for Russia to suffer in the Donbas by destroying the disastrous military portion, my analyst said. According to him, if Russia lost the wolf, it would have fatal consequences for Vladimir Putin’s regime and for him.

Volunteers from Zpad and from R

In the context of the conflict, the world is increasingly witnessing that the Fall has sent Ukraine a huge amount of weapons and technology. these are often sophisticated systems that can only be operated by experts who have been trained for a long time. In Visstel, Luk Visingr set out whether the Fall to Ukraine, along with this technology, had not sent human staff to these sloitch systems.

We do not have unequivocal evidence of this, but unofficially came to me, in some limited circumstances it is happening. This would be far from the first case. After all, we can remember the American Lying Tigers, who fought against the Japanese highlands, and they were formally employees of a private company, the former US Air Force pilots who officially flew for the company bought them from the state.

In military terminology, these people contract. After all, it was the Russians who started this system in Ukraine. They sent their uprising holidays there, volunteers and the like. And I don’t think there is a shortage of people in Zpad who would be interested in something like that.

In this regard, Luk Visingr draws attention to the risks involved. They can also have people who are motivated differently. They will not be there in a lot of sweat, but it may be those who want to shoot themselves, who will be motivated only by pensions and the effort to gain money. They can bt be pardoned magoi. It is up to Ukraine to avoid these people and not let them fight.

If these people committed a crime that you can’t completely rule out, it would be great ammunition for Russian propaganda, who is constantly working with it. that you just go there like this and exaggerate it tremendously, warns Luk Visingr.

According to him, he is working for Ukraine at this time and several dozen thousand volunteers from around the world. There are hundreds of people from the Czech Republic.

Great battle tanks

And how does Ukraine help military technology sent from the Czech Republic? Concrete plates from the Soviet Union, which the Czech Republic delivered there as one of the first western states? Ukrainians are behind these tanks vdn, urit will help them. As far as I know, our tanks were in very good technical condition. When it was simple: the Ukrainians could send them into battle almost immediately.

And pestoe tanks have been an underestimated and often criticized weapon in recent wolves. During the conflict, there were even two real tank battles.

Shortly after the wolves were arrested, information began to emerge that the tanks were obsolete and that they were empty coffins. We do not need tanks. But it’s definitely not like that. The fact that Russian tanks receive such a load is not proof that they are obsolete, but proof that the rut commander are incapable.

I would stuff two tanks battle Ukrainian wolves. In ernihivu au Trosance, Luk Visingr. At Trosance, the Russian Tank Guards Division, the best tank unit Russia has ever had, suffered a short shot, and it has never been missing on a ramp to Rudm. However, in Ukraine, this division caught it very hard. It is said that it suffered a total of more than a quarter of the losses, which means that the unit effectively lost its combat capability and had to be withdrawn.

The Ukrainians have proven a really great tactical championship in these tank battles, and I dare say that the Ukrainians have probably the most capable tanks in the world in terms of experience and tactics. There will be films about these battles one day, the analyst concludes.

Do I think Russia will run out of human resources? How do you deliver weapons today? And is there anything that Ukrainians in the arm of error? Luk Visingr, a publicist and military analyst at Rozstel, also talked about this.