December 10, 2022, 11:44 – Public News Service – OSN

Users’ personal computers can be used for cryptocurrency mining. Shamil Magomedov, Head of the Department of Intelligent Information Security Systems of the Institute of Cybersecurity and Digital Technologies of the RTU MIREA, told about this in a conversation with

According to the expert, it is very easy to “infect” a computer with a miner program.

“Most often, such programs – hidden miners – get onto devices when downloading files from unverified sources. For example, when trying to watch a movie or TV series by piracy, when installing unlicensed programs,” Magomedov emphasized.

Such programs force the computer to work at full capacity, which can lead to wear on the video card and cooling system. The first signs of infection of the device may be the “braking” of the computer and the constantly running cooler, the specialist said.

“Open the active processes tab in the Manager, while closing all programs and just watch without touching the computer. If any of the active or suddenly appeared processes continues to load the system, we can talk about a hidden miner. <...> You can remove the miner yourself using an antivirus. If you come across a more advanced program, then it is better to turn to specialists, ”Magomedov concluded.

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