An investigation has been launched into the discovery of a prisoner in a pre-trial detention center without signs of life

At the Main Directorate FSIN By Sverdlovsk region commented on the emergency in pre-trial detention center-1 Ekaterinburg, where two prisoners were found without signs of life. This is reported by

According to preliminary data, in the first case, the prisoner was hit by another prisoner. An investigation into this fact is underway.

The case with the second prisoner is not criminal. In addition, the autopsy showed no traces of drugs in his body.

Press secretary of the Sverdlovsk GUFSIN Alexander Levchenko noted that in the penitentiary system, prisoners lead an exemplary lifestyle. “They don’t drink or smoke here, we treat them,” he noted.

About double emergency became known November 16. It was then reported that one man suffered a drug overdose and did not survive. The second, according to the source, had a conflict with a cellmate. It escalated into a fight, then the opponent and his comrades beat the victim.

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