An expert from Moscow State University spoke about the reasons for the success of provocateurs in Dagestan

Provocateurs whose actions largely led to the riots at the airport Makhachkala October 29, managed to achieve success in Dagestan, since it is a poor region with a serious corruption problem. This opinion was expressed in a conversation with by the head of the Information Wars program. Moscow State University Andrey Manoilo.

In particular, in 2022, 14 percent of the republic’s population lived below the poverty line. At the same time, according to the data Rosstatprecisely in the Dokuzparinsky district of Dagestan turned out to be the lowest average salary in the country is 24.4 thousand rubles.

“Dagestan turned out to be exactly the region that is easiest to “blow up” using points of tension that are socio-economic in nature. At the same time, the provocateurs painted the “explosion” itself in the colors of an ideological, almost interfaith confrontation between Muslims and Jews,” noted Andrei Manoilo.

Previously expert toldthat a real information war is unfolding around the events in Dagestan today.

You can read details about how provocateurs are pushing Russians into riots Here.

On October 29, several hundred Dagestanis burst into Makhachkala airport after news that a plane from Tel Aviv had landed there. The protesters demanded the expulsion of Jews who had flown from Israel. Secretary of State of Dagestan and Deputy State Duma Khizri Abakarov reportedthat the amount of damage from the riots amounted to 285 million rubles. Head of the Republic Sergey Melikov promisedthat those responsible will get what they deserve. November 6 at Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia reportedthat police detained 201 people after riots at Makhachkala airport.

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