In the Chess Pavilion of the Gorky Park of Culture and Leisure, an exhibition of poster models “No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten” has opened. The exposition provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the military equipment that helped our wars bring closer the hour of the difficult Victory during the Great Patriotic War. There are poster models made of paper, plastic, samples of aviation, automotive and armored vehicles, ships, realistic dioramas, where miniature landscapes enliven the figures of fighters.

The exhibition is held by the city public organization of military-historical miniatures “Taganrog club of poster military and historical-technical modeling” with the support of the trade union committee of the TANTK named after. G. Beriev and the store “World of Models”.

The most attentive, the most enthusiastic “why-why” and researchers came to the opening – elementary school students. They duly appreciated the work of modelers, sharing their impressions with each other, and eagerly and carefully looked at the real boyish “treasures” placed on the stands.

City Duma deputy Vladimir Karagodin greeted the young visitors:

— I really hope that today’s exhibition will captivate you, and maybe in future expositions some works will be made by your own hands! Now many people talk about patriotism, and this concept means not just loving your Motherland, but knowing its history, being able to create and work, and be useful. It is necessary to have a stock of necessary knowledge in order to model, recreating the history of technology, while studying its design.

The head, chairman of the board modeling club, Alexander Zhukov, recalled how the club was created, and the fact that once the first lovers of history and poster modeling, adults and children, gathered to chat on the dance floor in the same KIO park named after. M . Gorky…

— Most of these machines you will not see just like that, they can only be found in the museum, they remained in the history of the Great Patriotic War. But there are also models of modern military equipment. Our soldiers and officers deal with such equipment, protecting the Fatherland, – explained Georgy Tkachenko, one of the founders of the club.

According to him, no one was left aside, the children asked questions, and some of them related directly to the details of the structure.

At this exhibition, the understanding again came that the authors do not make these models for themselves – they tell others about the history, features of technology, arouse interest. Enthusiastic people willingly share their knowledge and skills: in every generation there must be new enthusiasts. This is how progress moves, small and big discoveries are made, this is how the future comes to us.

The exhibition is open until May 15 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

Marina DARENSKAYA, photo by the author