An epidemic of influenza and SARS begins in St. Petersburg, an increase in cases is possible in the near future, writes TASS with reference to the head of the health committee Dmitry Lisovets.

Details. Over the past week, the seven-day epidemic threshold for influenza and SARS was exceeded by 76%, TASS reports the words of Dmitry Lisovets. According to him, we can say that the epidemic in the city is coming, and further dynamics of the incidence will grow.

Lisovets added that in 2022 St. Petersburg fulfilled the influenza vaccination plan for 60% of the city’s population. The authorities expect that “this layer will contribute to the fact that further growth will not be very long.”

What do they get sick in St. Petersburg. Now the bulk of the sick – more than 90% – are infected with swine flu (H1N1), about 3-4% of the sick carry influenza A H3N2 and influenza B, said Dmitry Lisovets, head of the health committee.

General picture. Alexey Kupriyanov, researcher of coronavirus statistics writesthat all indicators of the coronavirus epidemic have been growing in St. Petersburg in recent weeks, except for mortality: morbidity, hospitalizations, the number of PCR tests done and the load of mechanical ventilation. Taking into account the intensity of growth, according to forecast Kupriyanov, mortality will soon begin to grow: it can increase by 1.5–2 times.

In addition to COVID-19, citizens also suffer from swine flu and respiratory syncytial virus. Doctors call the situation “tridemic.”

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