An elderly Russian woman jumped from a balcony because of her drunken husband with an ax

IN Ufa A 66-year-old woman jumped from a third-floor balcony to escape her drunken husband with an axe. This became known Telegram- Mash Batash channel.

According to him, the husband returned home with a homeless drinking companion. An elderly Russian woman decided to drive the guest away. For this, her husband first hit her in the face, and then grabbed an ax and began to threaten her with violence.

The pensioner managed to hide from the angry man on the balcony and call emergency services. While the latter were getting to the place, a drunken Ufa resident broke the windows. Concerned neighbors got involved in resolving the situation. One of them persuaded the woman to jump to the floor below – from the third to the second. He was preparing to catch her, people gathered on the ground for insurance.

The Russian woman was saved; she jumped down, and a random passer-by came into her apartment and held her husband until the police arrived. The pensioner was sent to a pre-trial detention center, the woman wrote a statement against him.

Previously reportedwhat in Krasnodar a woman kicked a grandmother on the playground out of revenge for her son. Investigators ordered a forensic medical examination to determine the extent of harm caused to the pensioner’s health.

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