An article read in her youth almost ruined a girl’s sex life

A girl named Janine told how her sex and family life was almost destroyed by an article she read in a glossy publication in her youth. Her story published Honey edition.

As a teenager, Janine says she read that on average couples have sex three times a week. The girl believed this, tried to maintain this pace, and when her boyfriend cheated on her, she decided that it was because sex was not always so frequent. Everything changed when, after two years of relationship with her then future husband, both caught the coronavirus and did not make love for two weeks. “I felt terrible, and so did he. Both were not in the mood for sex, but tried to initiate it out of fear,” the girl recalled.

One day, Janine’s partner confided in him that he loved her but didn’t want to have sex. “He asked if I really needed sex so often, because it was too much for him,” the girl said. It turned out that the partner tried to have sex more often just for her sake. Now they only have sex when they both want it. According to Janine, thanks to this decision, she and her husband became happier and more open to experimentation. “I couldn’t even think of this. “I thought all men wanted more sex,” she said.

Now, the woman said, she and her husband are going to have a child.

Conceiving can be very tricky, so I’m glad we got it all sorted out. I don’t know what would have happened after giving birth if I still thought that I should have sex three times a week


Previously sex expert Gigi Fong gave advice adult virgins. She noted that even experienced partners take some time to get to know each other.

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