An American journalist predicted a deterioration in Biden’s health

The health status of the American president Joe Biden will worsen in the coming months, said journalist and TV presenter Bill O’Reilly. Biden is sick with dementia, and very soon it will begin to manifest itself in an acute form, he noted during the conversation on his Youtube channel.

“Biden has dementia, I know he does, my mother had it.” [деменция]. This will become more and more obvious in the coming months,” the TV presenter noted.

According to O’Reilly, President USA “does not manage foreign policy, he did not even know that his Minister of Defense was hospitalized in intensive care.” The journalist also noted that Biden was “completely hidden from the American people in every sense.”

He called the possible decision of the National Convention “inconceivable” US Democratic Party nominate a “person with dementia” as a party candidate for the position of president of the country.

Previously ex-President of the United States Donald Trump quoted Russian leader Vladimir Putinto prove that democracy in the United States is in danger.

Trump said the United States is in serious trouble. In his opinion, this brought Joe Biden’s policies. In addition, Trump said that Biden is no smarter than a six-year-old child. The politician is confident that the current American president is corrupt, incompetent and compromised.

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