In Prague, near the Žižkov Tower, firefighters responded to a burning ambulance. (July 29)
| photo: Jiří Meixner,

The rescuers in Žižkov were only very lucky to avoid a tragedy. The fire started in the vehicle when the entire crew went home to pick up the patient.

Firefighters were called to the scene and quickly extinguished the burning ambulance.

“Yes, there was a fire and no one was injured,” Jana Poštová, spokeswoman for the Prague Medical Rescue Service, confirmed to

Firefighters estimated the total damage at 1.5 million crowns. It is clear from the photos that the fire destroyed the entire front part of the car. Two jets of water were deployed to extinguish the flames, the HZS Prague reported on Twitter. They cited a technical fault in the ambulance as the cause of the fire.