In Nizhny Tagil, technicians repairing equipment have learned to earn 20-30 thousand rubles in a matter of minutes. And it’s not about professionalism and high quality services. Craftsmen roll out round sums to clients for each, even the simplest manipulation. A pensioner from Nizhny Tagil got into such a mess: a simple replacement of the TV remote control cost him 20 thousand rubles.

The remote control from a recently purchased TV suddenly stopped responding to button presses. 85-year-old Yuri K. panicked that he would no longer be able to watch his favorite programs. I found an ad with a promise to fix everything quickly, like a neighbor, in the mailbox. At the appointed time, a young specialist arrived.

“The master explained that the remote control costs 3,600 rubles. Grandfather gave him 5,000 and called me. I was surprised at the price and called the radio store. They said that indeed, there are such consoles, but we do not carry them. Then I asked the master on the phone whether it really costs so much. He answered that the remote control is original, which means it is expensive, ”says Yuri’s relative.

The relatives calmed down, and after half an hour the grandfather called back, saying that everything worked. But he did not reveal the amount. The very next day, relatives visited the pensioner, looked at the receipt and “sat down”. For his services, the master took 20 thousand rubles. This is also taking into account the discount for the age of the client.

The layout turned out like this: replacing the remote control 3,600 rubles, setting up the remote control 5,160, connecting the remote control 3,490, updating Smart TV firmware 2,690, restoring power to the remote control 1980, updating the TV software 3,640, purchase support 1,680, removing oxide from the contact board 3,760 .

A receipt issued to a pensioner. Marvel at the prices and contrived services!

“It turns out that grandfather was chatted and only gave a piece of paper to sign. The remote control setting is already listed twice, but only for replacing the batteries is almost two thousand. The update, which he hardly ordered, is generally done by pressing two buttons, ”the relatives of the victim continue.

An ad that “helped” a Tagil pensioner lose money can be found in almost every city entrance. “Dear neighbors! I repair computers and laptops. Removing viruses, installing programs, setting up and repairing, cleaning from dust and dirt. Qualitatively and inexpensively, ”they promise from a piece of paper in a box.

Such leaflets can be found in almost every entrance. Only names can change

The leaflet contains the name Roman and a phone number, but completely different people come to the call. It turned out that the first thing customers do is get to the dispatcher, whose task is to distribute orders among specialists. Moreover, the phone number is registered in the Tyumen region, they also receive calls there. The dispatcher himself could not explain the impudent pricing in any way, and refused to name the organizers of such a business as victims.

Rospotrebnadzor, at the request of the All News news agency, studied the receipt that was issued to the injured pensioner from Nizhny Tagil. Experts admit that it is very difficult to punish such dealers – they issue a piece of paper without any identification marks. Therefore, it is not clear who provides the service at all.

“In this document, I do not see anyone who would represent an economic entity – an individual entrepreneur or LLC. A certain performer Starikov is indicated. If this is a private person, then practically nothing can be done, ”says Alexander Bashkirov, head of the consultation center of the Nizhny Tagil Rospotrebnadzor. – Even if we conduct a check on the abuse of the pricing right, then the physicist and the physicist entered into an agreement. And if we assume that this is a company, then there is no data about it in the document, and it is not clear how we will tie this contract to this company. The organization can say it’s not us. I understand that these are nightmarish prices for incomprehensible services. The whole problem is that there is no subject. It’s like that in the market one grandmother sells mushrooms for 10 rubles, the second – for 100. This is her right to trade there like that.

Another thing is if you try to prove that such masters work on a regular basis, which means that they are engaged in making a profit. In this case, they are subject to consumer protection law. Then there must be evidence of such activity. And the burden of proof is on the victim. And the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, if they are interested in this topic, can establish the ownership of cell phones from ads and track the entire business chain.

According to several injured Tagil residents, appeals to the police have so far been futile – they have refused to open a criminal case based on all the materials. The local police department recommends that citizens choose services that have been proven over the years, consult with relatives, and also request a complete package of documents from specialists.