American intelligence officer said Russia has found the Achilles heel of the United States

Former intelligence officer Pentagon Rebecca Koffler on Fox News statedWhat Russia found my Achilles heel USAsuch a group of spy satellites became.

The intelligence officer noted that Chinese and Russian military theorists have been observing United States tactics in conflicts in the United States for almost a quarter of a century. Syria, LibyaKosovo, Iraq And Afghanistan.

“They learned that the vast US space potential is the American Achilles heel due to the almost complete dependence of the United States on it,” Koffler emphasized.

She added that opponents Washington also realized that the United States was dependent on satellites for many aspects of civilian life. These devices provide navigation, broadband and telecommunications, meteorological forecasts, monitoring of energy systems, and more.

The intelligence officer concluded that Star Wars was no longer considered a hypothetical conflict, given the US dependence on space technology.

Previously became knownthat the US Department of Defense will purchase 54 missile tracking satellites from Lockheed Martin, L3Harris and Sierra Space for a total of $2.5 billion.

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