It has only been a half-year since Apple announced that it would offer DIY repair under its own instructions as well as the material supplied. Since the end of April, this has been fully fulfilled. So far only in the United States and a few small products. Customers in Europe should be able to go this year as well.

In particular, Americans can now apply for spare parts for the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and the third generation iPhone SE. According to the company, it now offers about two different compensation lengths, including repairs. People can think of broken displays, degraded batteries, damaged microphones and speakers, cameras, vibrating device for haptic response (taptic engine) or a SIM card slot.

The replacement parts will then be put in the delivery box by the home repairer and sent back to Apple for recycling, for which I will receive some credits. It makes sense to me. When we take the first experience, it does not always make economic sense. Especially if the recipient wants to take out the original tools in exchange.

The big expense item is mainly a special repair kit, which is included in Apple’s repair instructions and which the user can rent for seven days for 49 dollars (approximately 1,200 crowns), if he does not dare to repair with his own means.

On MacRumours server so calculate that the battery repair costs $ 49 per set over and $ 70.99 (about 1,700 crowns) for a spare battery and consumables. After sending the exchanged debts, they were returned $ 24.15 (about 575 crowns) in the form of credit for further purchase. As a result, the battery replacement itself costs $ 95.84 (about 2,270 crowns).

Compared to this, the exchange is directly from Apple $ 69 (approximately 1,650 crowns)also not really cost effective to make repairs, on July Clover from MacRumours. It is more interesting in the case of a repair with its own excess, where the DIY salary after deducting the price of the refunded $ 46.84 (approximately 1,110 crowns), but it must be above it. In this case, compared to repairs directly at Apple, about a quarter of a hundred, but it must be handy and the wall to create a procedure for exchanging the bill, which will answer the equipment of its long term.

It can be expected that similar prices will be used by the company in the case of Europe, only in the event of applicable customs duties and VAT.

Users would certainly appreciate the quick birth of the device, which they will be able to repair at home, especially the old models, which need the repair of the newer ones. This year, the program will include manuals, parts and tools for repairing Mac pots with Apple silicon, promises company neurit.

Apple has not yet announced whether the new home repair program will come out financially better than the previous system, about the company claimede na nm prodlv.

Last November, the company stated that it would not change the number of certified repair shops, where those interested could obtain repairs for repair and post-service. Apple now has more than a thousand Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) and parts, tools, and supplies for an additional 2,800 independent service providers.