Amber Heardthe 36-year-old actress lost a media and controversial legal battle against her ex-husband, also an actor Johnny Deppthe final verdict was given in a court in the state of Virginia last June 1.

After his defeat, Amber Heard would have to pay Johnny the sum of 10 million dollars for the damage to the actor’s image due to the defamation scandal that Heard caused, but she does not seem to be happy with that decision of the jury. According to People magazine, Heard got a new group of lawyers after firing those who defended her in the case, and the new lawyers have fresher ideas.

The new legal team of the actress Aquaman has several objections regarding what happened in that court case. They argue that, first of all, it should not have been carried out in the state of Virginia but in the state of Californiawhere the parties had initially agreed.

And, in addition, they defend the actress from the monetary burden that she received, according to them, the 10 million dollars that heard must pay are an excess compared to the psychological and publicity damage he received Johnny during the scandal, and add that the actor requires little time to heal mentally and does not need 10 million of dollars to recover its favorable image either.

They are demanding that the verdict be gotten up, renegotiated or what go to court again.

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