According to the actress herself, the final verdict of the legal trial she lost against Johnny Depp It could have had a very different ending if the jury had seen a series of tests that were finally excluded by the judge, as the actress said this Friday in one of the advances broadcast by the chain NBC of the exclusive interview that the medium has with the interpreter of ‘mere’ in Aquaman.

As explained Amber Heard in his interview with the journalist and lawyer Savannah Guthrie, the actress talks about an element that she thinks could have made the difference in the final decision of the jury of the court of Fairfax,Virginia, which determined that the actress must pay Depp 10 million in damages and another 5 million as a fine.

“There is a folder with notes dating back to 2011 from the beginning of my relationship, which were taken by my doctor, who I was reporting the abuse to,” Amber Heard says.

However, the judge in the case excluded those notes from Heard’s therapist for not having consistency, indicates the controversial actress in the third part of the interview, which was broadcast this Friday in a special program during prime time. maximum audience.

Until now, there are still possibilities for Johnny to proceed to sue Heard again for defamation, since according to experts, Amber should not be giving interviews or making insinuations about various factors that she supposes included to lose her legal battle against the actor.