american actress Amber Heardreappears publicly after the media separation and trial against her ex-husband Johnny Deppwhich he ultimately lost.

The love affair that began in the year 2012soon became a much stronger relationship so they decided to go to the altar three years later, in the 2015. Marriage that only lasted 15 monthsat which time the model filed for divorce from her husband, and a restraining order against him.

The couple, after maintaining a loving relationship, ended up being seen in court facing several lawsuits about domestic violence and public defamation. Finally, those in charge of the case ruled that the actress lied about her version, and gave victory in the case to Johnny Deppto which Amber had to compensate with a million-dollar sum of money.

After this, the actress decided to stay away from the public press and the cameras, and live a life in total anonymity, until a few days ago when a video began to circulate on social networks where the model reappeared with great energy and very smiling. .

The actress was recorded while dancing with a young man to the song “As the flower«, by Selena Quintanilla, demonstrating her skills in the Spanish language and in dancing.

The video was posted by Bernardo Triana, user of TikTokwho revealed what it was like to share with the star who happened to be in Latin America, for the recording of a film. «She spoke Spanish with me, everyone will have their opinions about her, but in the end I had a great experience with her, she is a great person“, the young man pointed out.