The American actress and those of the legendary actor Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, will retire for a long time from acting. The news comes after it was confirmed that the star has no plans to return to the USA, since he wants to raise his daughter in a place away from the paparazzi and media americans.

The controversial actress Amber Heard has settled permanently in the city of Madrid Spain, to rebuild his life with his daughter completely.

A few months ago, he sold his house in the United States and was in Spain looking for a good place to adapt and get away from hollywood and all his controversy lived because of his scandalous court war with her ex-husband.

while his acting career this suspended, Possibly definitively, the star no longer wants anything to do with cinema, so now uncertainty has grown about what she could be doing for a living.

one of his friendships in Spain has been in charge of revealing this information, where he also gave the following statements:

“She is bilingual and speaks perfect Spanish. She is happy there raising her daughter away from all the noise. I don’t think she’s in a hurry to go back in search of work or to Hollywood »

The present day, Amber Heard was photographed on the streets of Madrid. The actress is waiting for the earnings she will have after confirming that she will appear in the second between ‘Aquaman and the last Kingdom’, tape where she plays the powerful ‘Mere’.