Despite the ongoing scandal surrounding the American actress Amber Heard, it seems that Warner Bros won’t get her out Aquaman 2At least that’s what has been rumored for months.

According to the latest reports, the actress will continue to appear in the film and will not be replaced for the study, heard Rose to fame as a mere in the Justice League, but her ex-husband Johnny Depp accused her of defaming him after she accused him of mistreatment in 2016 and in 2022 Amber Heard lost her defamation trial.

If anything became clear during this trial and long before, it is that the majority sided with Johnny Depp and the small minority sided with heard, after when the series premiered The Standbased on the best-selling book by Stephen King, his response was damaged by the presence of the actress, and the fans of Johnny Depp strongly attacked the production, will the same happen with Aquaman 2?

The first edition of Aquaman was a blockbuster and it’s the highest-grossing DC Comics movie ever, but Depp hadn’t sued his ex-wife at the time, Now, according to geekosity, Amber follow on Aquaman 2and a preview of the tape would be confirming it.

According to the magazine, YouTube user “Syl Abdul» has stated that Heard’s scenes in the film are not insignificant and that the film would not work if the character is removed, but now Abdul says that Mera is only injured and disappears for at least a third of the film.

Do you like Amber Heard appearing in the Aquaman sequel?