The controversial actress was looking for all possible ways to find new evidence to win her case against her ex-husband. Johnny Depp, recently choosing to hire a detective to follow him, but unfortunately the person in charge of that mission has not found anything to recriminate him.

Amber Heard would have hired a private detective to follow the legendary actor Johnny Depp less than a year ago, this in order to find evidence that could incriminate or statements against the interpreter of the iconic Jack Sparrow. Paul Barresi would be the person through whom the interpreter acquired their services.

But it seems that things did not go as Amber expected. Why?

Well, it turns out the detective wasn’t able to find anything that could be used at trial. After interviewing more than 100 friends or acquaintances of Depp, the conclusion was the same: “there is no evidence, he is an angel”

In fact, many of those people interviewed agreed on the friendly and generous character of the iconic and renowned actor. This is how some reports published by the American newspaper DailyMail.

“I went to United States, France, Italy, Great Britain, everywhere Johnny Depp went, I couldn’t find one case or even one admission of him physically abusing a woman. He is like an angel. None said anything derogatory, ”explains Barresi in his report.