The popular and controversial American actress Amber Heard, follows his path set on a single objective: to disappear from the spotlight Hollywood. For this, the star has decided change name, of residence and has even made the decision to put her profession aside, after all the scandal she experienced due to her legal battle against her ex-husband, also an actor Johnny Depp.

In recent weeks, there have been reports about the moves that Amber Heard is making with her new life in Costix, a town on the island of Palma de Majorca, Spain, where the interpreter has taken as her refuge.

However, it seems that the interpreter of ‘Mere’ in Aquaman, she has also made some drastic changes to her identity, starting with the name by which she is called in that place.

At Costix, Amber Heard calls herself as Jane Camary either “Calamity Jane”. This name comes from a female explorer who belongs to the history of USA of the century XIX.

However, it is not known if the actress will make the final decision to proceed. legally to make your name change in your personal documents, just as it will in Spain.

Until now, information has been collected about the new life of Amber Heard in Europe, your wishes are very clear; get as far away from Hollywood as possible and start a new life where his past with Johnny Depp, not be the daily bread.