Film producer Jennifer Howell, who is a close friend of the family Amber Heardshe stated in the documents, their content was declassified by the British daily The Mirror, that her mother Svila’s mother died today, with Amber leading the first battle with her former partner. Elonem Muskem. With that, she was to judge the embryos they were to have created together while they were dating. After breaking with Amber, Musk had data on their destruction, while Amber wanted to hit them so they could.

As it turned out with the destruction of the embryo, the public did not burst, not even three years after the breakup with Musek, Heard’s bag announced the birth of the baby, who carried her away. In addition, according to the American law, Amber does not have to state his father’s identity. The actress herself then stated that she decided to have a baby in 2017 (she was dating Musek at the time), and that she is a daughter of both mother and father. Musk declined to comment on the whole case with his daughter. To this, a son X Æ A-Xii was born in 2020.

Musk was expected to appear in court as a witness, and his name was dropped several times during the trial. However, the court did not return a bill before the court and there is current speculation that before the elements Johnny Depp he also reveals the identity of his real father Oonang. The actor had a lot to honor about their romance.

After breaking up with his wife, Depp went to the People magazine with the fact that Muska was in trouble, not even after the actor got married in 2015. With a billion, she had to spend more time with Depp, not with the husband himself. Depp also blamed Amber for having a three with Musk and model Cara Delevingne.

That’s Musk Ashes in an interview with Page Six that he’s just a friend with Cara. He says he and Amber didn’t get married romantically until his relationship with Depp is over. Musk first met Amber in 2012 during the filming of Machete zabj. In 2016, Elon completed a divorce from the actress Talulah Riley, and in the same year she filed for divorce from Depp and Amber.

From the first that Musk and Amber exchanged during May 2016, the billion offered a helping hand in the form of private security immediately after the separation from Johnny.

You said Johnny was aggressive under the apartment, so I wondered if anything had happened to you. Musk wrote at first.

It happened, but it doesn’t matter. I exchanged shit, answer him Amber. He then apologizes at first for behaving like an idiot and confesses how sick he is.

Amber Heard and Elon Musk

Their first official photo didn’t take long to come. Pr officially took a photo on Instagram in April 2017, but in August they announced a breakup. Musk then publicly broke his heart and was actually in love with Amber. Pr reunited later that year, and they celebrated the holidays together in the Easter Islands. In July 2018, they announced a final breakup.

Only this year, during the trial, the first of Amber and Depp’s agent Christian Carin from 2017 began to be declassified in court. In those, Amber felt sad about breaking up with Musk. Carine asked her at first, sadly, when she told him that Muska had never loved her. It is also interesting that Heard promised to send the pension from the divorce settlement with Depp to charity. She received 162 million crowns, which promised to divide between the children’s hospital in Los Angeles and the non-profit organization ACLU, which will help in the fight against the forces.

Six years after the divorce, it was rumored that the ACLU had barely seen half of the promises. In addition, the organization was not to send Amber, but first Musk. The first-time actresses then stated that she got into financial trouble and therefore could not send the promised hand of the non-profit. As you can see, Musk tried to glaze at him for a moment. Just make sure we see him in court.