The fans of the controversial American actress Amber Heard, They have not hesitated to make fun of the legendary American actor Johnny Depp and her fans, who have not hesitated to express their disagreement after confirming the participation of the actress in the second installment of Aquaman, where will he reprise his role as ‘Mere’, the most important of his career.

Through their social networks, fans of actress Amber Heard have celebrated the decision to Warner Bros. to leave the interpreter with her role as ‘Mera’ in the second installment of the movie Aquaman.

Initially, there was talk of the possibility that the controversial actress was stripped of her role, after discovering that she lied about her scandalous relationship with Johnny Depp, where she claimed to be a “victim of domestic violence”.

His statement made the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ lose all your papers. However, he sued and showed that he was lying, this being one of the most media of the last years.

However, it seems that Warner he has not cared about that and the millions of firms that were collected to say goodbye to Amber, since a preview of ‘Aquaman and the last Kingdon’, where their participation has finally been confirmed.

Given this, the fans of the actress have not hesitated to celebrate the news, but they have also taken the opportunity to make fun of the fans of Johnny Depp, who really expected her to be fired from her role.

Right now, Amber Heard is living out of the public eye, is sheltered in the Majorca island in Spain, and it is expected that it will last a long time there, away from all its past in Hollywood.