The controversial American actress Amber Heard has finally obtained, after a hard year in his life, some very good news. And it turns out that yesterday, the producer Warner Bros. confirmed that the star will appear in the second installment of ‘Aquaman’, which has been classified as a clear defeat against her ex-husband, the legendary American actor Johnny Depp.

Yesterday, the world of cinema and of the show was really impressed when confirming the full participation of Amber Heard and her role as ‘Mere’ in the sequel to Aquaman.

This was confirmed by the producer Warner Bros in its most recent preview of the second installment, ‘Aquaman and the last Kingdon’, where the participation of the controversial actress was seen and that has massively annoyed the fans of her ex husband.

As we all know, last year there was one of the biggest scandals in hollywood, which was based on lawsuit that Amber and Johnny They had each other for their divorce, where both were accusing each other of different things, but whose victory fell into the hands of the 59-year-old actor, leaving his ex-partner completely more stopped.

Millions of people around the world they were canceling the 37-year-old actress. But it seems, and after a year of that dark moment in her life, that the light will finally come to her.

His stake in the second installment of Aquaman will allow you to earn money. And not only that, over time she could be taken into account again for future productions, which would mean that she can choose to recover her financial stability, which is currently on the ground after his media trial against Depp.

Given this, various media see this good news for Amber Heard, as a clear defeat to Johnny Depp, who is currently living on a farm in the United Kingdom.