The controversial American actress Amber Heard, has confirmed through an interview that he has done live, that he will stay to live in the city of Madrid Spain. There, she intends to raise her little daughter, and hopes to continue to distance herself from all the American press and from her past with her ex-husband, the legendary actor. Johnny Depp.

After all the scandal that caused his media divorce with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard decided to completely walk away from her life in hollywood, to take refuge in Spain accompanied by his girlfriend and her daughter.

there in Iberian Territory, the interpreter of ‘Mere’ in Aquaman, He has achieved that tranquility that he was looking for so much. For this reason, the star has now made the decision to stay permanently in the capital Madrid.

And it was precisely in that city, where the journalist Spanish jordi marti The artist was found. He also Paparazzi did a short interview to which she politely agreed to do, stating the following:

“I love Spain. I hope I can stay here, I love living here. I hope you are well, it has been a pleasure meeting you. I have to move on, huh? That’s life,” he said.

With this, Amber Heard confirm that it stays in Spain, and that he hopes that this will be his home permanently. The star is fluent in Spanish, so the language will not be a barrier that prevents her from advancing in her desire to rebuild her life.