The controversial American actress Amber Heard has decided to permanently take refuge in the waves of Mallorca, in Spain. But what is drawing the attention of users of social networks is that the interpreter has changed her name. Why?

Despite the enormous popularity of the actress in networks, and having been proclaimed as the most wanted person in Google throughout the year 2022, Amber Heard He wants to disappear from the public eye. And that is why she would have even made the decision to change her identity.

As reported in various media, the stay of the interpreter of ‘Mere’ in Aquaman goes beyond a vacation and it seems that he has chosen as his new home costitx, a tiny town of Majorca, Spain, where he has rented a house and has done it under a different name.

As revealed, the actress rented a house that is under the name Martha Jane Canary. This woman is a historical character from the end of the 19th century nicknamed “Calamity Jane” an American professional explorer and border advocate, recognized for having fought against Native Americans.

The actress has already been seen several times in this tiny town, which she shares with her little daughter and her current girlfriend. The American interpreter wants to try to stay away from the public eye as much as possible that she can. However, she knows that this task is a bit difficult.

But despite everything, the actress’s plans are clear and everything she is doing, she does with plans to never set foot on the USA, your country of origin.

Amber Heard owes more than eight million dollars to her ex-husband, the legendary American actor Johnny Depp, and with whom she had a very turbulent relationship, which ended in a defamation lawsuit that she ended up losing.