The popular and controversial actress has starred in one of the most viral and questionable moments of the week, in which many users assure that it was a complete act of acting and falsehood. What did she do?

After finishing one of her interventions in the trial, during a break, you can see the moment in which the actress Amber Heard steps down from the podium, while his ex, the actor Johnny Depp, gets up from his post.

Apparently, the actor was trying to leave through the door that is close to his ex-wife, who, upon seeing him, entered into a questionable panic, which made her take a step back after observing the actor.

His attitude caused one of the security agents in the room to prevent Johnny from walking to the door, accompanying Heard to the place where his team of lawyers is located.

For his part, Johnny Depp walked calmly towards the door, but stopped when the security personnel asked him to, when he stopped he looked at Heard, turned to his left and shrugged his shoulders as a sign that he did not understand what was happening. But later his own lawyers explained it to him, making the actor laugh at his ex-wife’s reaction.

The video has been recorded and is a sensation on networks since it was published for the first time days ago.