The lawyers of controversy American actress They made some confessions about the sexual health of the legendary American actor, which surprised many of his fans.

As revealed by the US media Page Six, the team of lawyers Amber Heard together with her, they had presented to the court a series of documents in which they assured that Johnny Depp suffers from erectile dysfunction and that she contributed to his “violent behaviour”.

Amber is trying everything to appeal the verdict of the trial that she lost against the actor, including revealing medical conditions that prove the “violence” of Johnny Depp, and that left her as the true victim.

One of these tests, precisely, was some supposed medical documents in which it is revealed that Johnny suffer from “erectile dysfunction”.

“Such a condition is absolutely relevant to sexual violence, including Mr. Depp’s anger and the use of a bottle to abuse Amber Heard,” say the actress’s lawyers.

“Although Depp would prefer not to disclose his erectile dysfunction status, such status is absolutely relevant to the sexual violence, including Mr. Depp’s anger and the use of a bottle to rape Amber Heard.”

Depp fans have quickly mobilized on social media, claiming that the only thing they are looking for heard Together with his lawyers, it is necessary to look for other alternatives to be able to appeal the verdict, and that this prevents him from paying the more than 10 million dollars to the actor.