The controversial American actress insists against all odds in her position to appeal the legal judgment against her ex-husband, and the reasons are nothing more than her complete economic impossibility to deal with the debt she has.

for some years Amber Heard and her ex-husband, the legendary American actor Johnny Depp, They are in the midst of a huge legal conflict, after their turbulent and violent marriage ended between lawsuits because she claimed to have been raped by the actor, but the situation took an unexpected turn when a few weeks ago they went to trial and the verdict was in favor of Depp, since it was confirmed that Amber defamed the former actor of Pirates of the Caribbean.

After this event, the actress Aquaman He asked the judge that said process be annulled, although now he has received a response and his request was completely rejected. However, the actress has insisted on her decision and has filed an appeal to appeal the verdict, since her net worth is not enough to pay her ex-husband, filing for technical bankruptcy.

We believe that the court made errors that prevented a fair and consistent verdict. First Amendment”, a Heard spokesman said in a statement, referring to the constitutional amendment protecting free speech.

“Therefore, we are appealing the verdict,” he said.

“While we realize that today’s presentation will light the fires of (the network) Twitter, there are steps we must take to ensure fairness and justice,” according to the note.

After the judge denied her request to annul the trial against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard is expected to pay Depp 10.35 million Dollars for damages. However, the actress will also receive 2 million dollars from Johnny, as evidence in her favor was also found, but only in a statement made by the actor with one of his lawyers.