Heraldo’s ‘Artes & Letras’ have also awarded awards to proposals such as: Gaizka Urresti, Xordica, Zaragoza Improvisa, Carlos Castán and Ricardo Calero.

In terms of music, Amaral and David Angulo will receive an award in the 7th edition of the ‘Arts & Letters’ of Heraldo de Aragón. The former will do so as a Special Jury category for their career. The second will include Music for his work carrying out the songs of the Aragón Tv program ‘Oregón’, his work in film and theater, as well as for his recently published ‘ Music for an invisible theater ‘.

Gaizka Urresti, Xordica, Zaragoza Improvisa, Carlos Castán, Ricardo Calero, Itziar Miranda, Jorge Miranda, Nacho Rubio, Juan Domínguez Lasierra and Miguel Sebastián complete the list of recognitions for these awards. The delivery gala will take place on December 20, Monday, from the Luis Galve of the Zaragoza Auditorium .

The ‘Arts & Letters’ are the awards given by the cultural supplement of the same name and directed weekly from Heraldo de Aragón by the prestigious journalist Antón Castro.

Awarded in the VII ‘Arts & Letters’

Amaral . Special Jury Prize , for his career.
David Angulo . Music , for his work in ‘Oregón Tv’ of Aragón Tv, cinema, theater and his album ‘Music for an invisible theater’.
Carlos Castán . Literature , for the edition of ‘Tales’ in Foam Pages.
Itziar and Jorge Miranda, and Nacho Rubio . Children’s and Youth Literature , for its two series for young people.
Ricardo Calero . Plastic Arts , for his exhibition at La Lonja in homage to Goya and Fuendetodos.
Zaragoza Improvises . Performing Arts, Circus and Dance , for the Encarni Corrales team.
Gaizka Urresti . Cinema , for its extensive and award-winning career in the audiovisual world.
Juan Domínguez Lasierra . Cultural Disclosure , for his work in front of the culture section of Heraldo de Aragón.
Xordica . Literature Promotion , with Chusé Raúl Usón at the helm of the publishing house against wind and tide.
Miguel Sebastian . Photography , for his book ‘Buñuel, a suitcase without a trip’.