After a week of having held the controversial 71st edition of the beauty pageant Miss Universe, the first finalist and representative of Venezuela Amanda Dudamel has revealed the first words he said to the winner R’Bonney, Gabriel Miss USA, just after being announced as the winner of the contest.

The most recent celebration of Miss Universe, whose final was in the city of New Orleans, United States, It was totally overshadowed by the harsh accusations against the organization of the contest, which claimed that the contest could have been arranged so that the local representative would take the crown.

However, there was another controversy at the time of the coronation, since the first finalist, Miss Venezuela, could not hug Miss USA when the winner was announced. Amanda has responded to this moment as follows:

“I’m sorry I couldn’t hug her, we really are quite friends, I was talking with her a while ago and I would have liked that congratulatory hug,” said the talented 23-year-old in an interview for the network Telemundo.

Dudamel also confessed to the words he said to R’Boney Gabriel once he could be approached after the coronation:

“And when we got there, and the first thing I said to him was, ‘Fashion designers rocking this’”.