Amanda Dudamel, representative of Venezuela in the most recent Miss Universe 2022 pageant, he dedicated a few words to the new Miss Universe, R’Boney Nola, who represented the USA and it is in a fraud scandal, since the vast majority of the public and other journalistic media, assure that the real winner was Venezuela, who was the first finalist.

Four days after the completion of the Miss Universe 2022, the controversy over the coronation of Miss USA how the winner of the contest, is still quite intact and in trend.

More accusations of fraud have echoed as much as possible, that even several American media and newspapers have denounced what happened on the night of January 14, where media such as TMZ affirm that Amanda Dudamel was clearly the real winner of the contest, but that some internal interests to the organization, they had planned the victory of R’Boney Nola.

“To start, Miss Universe was presented in New Orleans (…) and some claim that this was from the outset to ensure that R’Bonney Gabriel was crowned by the end of the show… which, in fact, happened,” the US portal highlighted.

Meanwhile, the representative of Venezuela He has dedicated a message to the winner, where he has made it clear that she feels calm about what happened, and that for her there will only be love and respect for her triumph.

“Fashion colleagues, partners in the order of the alphabet and both great dreamers,” Amanda Dudamel wrote when sharing a photo with the current universal queen while they were in different activities during the celebration of the contest.

«I am happy to say that we lived this experience to the fullest, close to each other and sharing many things in common. I wish you the best for everything that comes,” added the model and fashion designer Venezuelan.

And you, what do you think of all this?