4 out of 10 residents of Nizhny Tagil admitted that they were afraid of contracting the coronavirus. According to the results of the survey, sociologists of the SuperJob recruiting platform received such data.

39% of Tagil residents admitted that they are afraid of getting sick with COVID-19: 10% are “very afraid”, 29% are “a little afraid”. At the same time, women are more likely than men to some extent fear for their health at the height of the incidence of coronavirus (50% and 38%, respectively). Respondents over 45 are more afraid of covid than their younger compatriots (46%).

Those who have not been vaccinated have the fewest fears about the virus: only one in four of them is afraid of infection. In addition, 61% of respondents do not experience any fears about the incidence of COVID-19.

In Russia, there is now a sharp increase in the incidence of coronavirus, provoked by a new variant of omicron, which is called “centaur”. The greatest growth is observed in Moscow. at the end of July, 2037 new cases of covid were detected there, and a week earlier there were only 790. According to experts, the rise has been going on for about two weeks and will last at least another month.

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