About 15 thousand citizens, including administration officials, deputies of regional and city Assemblies, representatives of labor collectives, participants in local conflicts, veterans of law enforcement agencies, schoolchildren, students, social activists, took to the streets of Khasavyurt with portraits of grandfathers, great-grandfathers and red banners.

Every year more and more new generations of citizens pour into this “river of memory” in order to preserve the historical memory of the heroism of our people and continue to restore the continuity of generations.

The event was opened by a rally on the Hill of Military Glory, which was attended by Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Saigidpasha Umakhanov, Head of Khasavyurt Korgoli Korgoliev, veteran of the Great Patriotic War Alexander Makukha.

“The Immortal Regiment will be called immortal as long as we, our children and grandchildren remember those who gave us the Victory. This is the answer of millions of people to rewriting the history of the Second World War, affirming the memory of the unprecedented feat of the Soviet people, who won a great victory over Nazi Germany,” said Korgoli Korgoliev.

After the solemn laying of flowers at the Memorial, the creative teams of the city – artists of the State Dance Ensemble “Youth of Dagestan”, the municipal choreographic ensemble “Echo of the Mountains”, the State Central Committee and the House of Culture “Spartak” presented a spectacular performance on the theme of the Great Patriotic War.

The procession with the Banner of Victory was led by Alexander Makukha, Saigidpasha Umakhanov and Korgoli Korgoliev. They were followed by an endless stream of people who, with portraits of their native veterans, marched in elegant columns along the city streets.

Then the celebrations moved to the Mass Graves and to the Memorial “Tank E.B. Dzhumagulov, where flower-laying ceremonies were held.

The unprecedented feat of the Soviet people is alive and will always live in the memory of the Khasavyurt people.

It should be noted that this year the Immortal Regiment, despite anti-Russian propaganda, will be held in about 90 countries.