In bts There are great friendships, it is well known that in the group the 7 boys get along so well that they are considered brothers, although fans constantly take to social networks to talk about behaviors that some members have that leave much to the imagination.

This is how through the years different fictitious relationships have been created, better known as ships, these are in charge of pairing two artists who have a lot of chemistry with each other. This is how moments between idols are constantly going viral on social networks.

This time it was the turn of Jungkook and Jimin, these already have a history and in the past have generated various rumors, but this time already exceeds the level. And it is that a user on Twitter placed two young people kissing caught on a security camera, and the silhouette was the same as Jungkook and JiminOf course, the name JIKOOK immediately became a world trend.

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It was not until several hours later that other ARMYs They discovered the real video and with the help of Google Lens, they managed to find that it is actually a popular Instagram couple under the usernames @leotokio and @wangh0ngyu.

Many fans got angry and left messages to the Twitter user to download the images, but he clarified that he actually did it as a joke, and that he did not understand how many people actually believed that they were the performers of songs like «butter” Y “dynamite«.