For the first time in a long time, a Russian humorist published a picture with his wife and children. And he did it on the day of the celebration of his 46th birthday

Galkin showed a rare photo with Pugacheva and children

Galkin showed a rare photo with Pugacheva and children / Photo:

For several months, Maxim Galkin and Alla Borisovna have been living in Israel with their children. The star spouses left the Russian Federation because of the unleashed war in Ukraine, which they do not support, unlike their fellow Russians. Now the prima donna’s husband is actively touring Israeli cities, where not afraid to ridicule Putin’s pathetic propagandists. Obviously, they are not going to return to their homeland.

Yesterday, June 18, Maxim Galkin celebrated his 46th birthday . He spent the day with his family.

AT Instagram the showman published a picture in which the whole family poses at the festive table.

star family together

star family together / Photo:

Birthday! Family is strength, – the artist briefly signed the frame.

As you can see in the photo, the joyful hero of the holiday warmly hugs his eight-year-old twins – Lisa and Harry, and their star mother sits with a fork and knife near a mini-cake 🙂

It is impossible not to notice the birthday cake with a funny inscription, which was probably presented to Galkin. So, on the black glaze covering 90% of the dessert, it says “Maxim”, and on the other small part – “Guests”.

In the comments, Maxim Galkin was congratulated by star colleagues and loyal fans. Also, the followers drew attention to how beautiful the heirs of the star couple grow. Of course, they did not bypass the Primadonna, who shines with beauty and freshness:

  • I love your family! Alla Borisovna looks great.
  • Our relatives! What a joy to see you! The kids have grown up, so tanned. Allenky flower is beautiful as always.
  • Cool, daughter looks like mom, son looks like dad.
  • Galkin rejuvenated. Pretty boy!
  • Alla Borisovna is an icon of the Soviet stage and no orcs will take it away from her. There is no replacement for her and no rivals for her. She is one.
Instagram screenshot

By the way, recently Alla Pugacheva put the Rashists in their place who attacked Maxim Galkin because of his anti-war position.

We previously reported that “disgusting movie” filmed in Russia about Alla Pugacheva. And the day before, an inscription appeared on the building of the Ostankino television center in Moscow: “Alla, you have been here for a long time all za*ala.”