The latest accreditation received educational organizations that were built in recent years.

Photo: pixabay

All schools in the Belgorod region have received state accreditation, the last to pass the procedure were four elementary schools that opened recently.

Three elementary schools in the Belgorod region and one in Korochansky received state accreditation for the main educational program of primary general education according to new indicators. In November, three schools in the region already received relevant recommendations. Thus, the procedure for state accreditation of educational organizations in the region has been completed. All of them scored the required number of points.

Obtaining state accreditation by schools in the regional department for control and supervision in the field of education is considered an important factor in ensuring the quality of education. The formulaic approach brought maximum clarity to the procedure, believes the head of the education department of the administration of the Korochansky district, Galina Kreshtel. In her opinion, all schools in the country are in equal conditions, which are due to the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard.

The number of factors influencing the receipt of state accreditation includes such an indicator as the presence of teachers in the school who have the first, highest and advanced qualification categories. In the Belgorod region, they managed to achieve this indicator. The head of the education department of the administration of the Belgorod district, Natalya Bozina, explained that the closest attention was paid to the issues of staffing new schools. In addition, the head of the department noted, all schoolchildren, including children with disabilities, are provided with textbooks in new educational organizations.

As part of the state accreditation, schools must meet six indicators that relate to learning conditions, and one that takes into account learning outcomes, the Ministry of Education of the region reported. Earlier, the Uchitelskaya Gazeta online publication reported that the deputy head of Rosobrnadzor Evgeny Semchenko reported on the development of a unified system for assessing the quality of education, including an expanded list of diverse indicators. It will allow you to see the real picture of domestic education and study all aspects in detail.