December 14, 2022, 18:24 – Public News Service – OSN

The VZGLYAD portal published an article, the author of which reflects on the fate of the creative opposition, which left the country and condemned the special operation on Ukraine.

First of all, the author draws attention to the absence of a fundamental difference between Russian cultural figures, who “stubbornly sell their Russophobic crafts to the Russian audience” and American show business, which “aggressively pushes a progressive agenda everywhere and everywhere.”

According to the author, Americans have only to go through the process that Russia over the past months. The special operation became a “powerful trigger for change” for the country, and the departure of celebrities who disagree with what is happening from the country gives hope that in the end the situation and atmosphere in the cultural sectors will become healthier not only ideologically, but also professionally.

“The attempt of artists and artists to break away from the roots and from the society for which they work emasculates their art, turns it first into an unnecessary, and then into a socially dangerous parasite,” the author notes, adding that after this the stage of ignoring the artist’s work begins, and subsequently and at all “active rejection”.

Ultimately, artists turn into “an empty place – both reputationally, and professionally, and financially.” The author points out that we can observe this process even now.

The Public News Service previously reported that concerts Valery Meladze in Novosibirsk cancelled. The artist planned to perform in the city in April next year.