Washington has announced that it will publish a new package of sanctions to contain Russia. Today, a list of names has become known, in which Alina Kabaeva is present.

Earlier, sanctions were already imposed against Alina Kabaeva. She was blacklisted by the UK, Canada and the European Union. The athlete herself does not comment on what happened. Recently, she does not give interviews to journalists and makes statements only on resonant sporting events in the world.

Note that after her departure from the State Duma, Alina Kabaeva became a rare guest on television. Now she appears more often on sports fields or at competitions.

Not so long ago, for example, Kabaeva visited the city of Sochi, where she met with the younger Olympic champions as part of a master class in gymnastics. The famous gymnast talked to the youth in an informal setting and gave them parting words for the future.

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