The artist took part in the anniversary music festival “White Nights of St. Petersburg”, where he presented a duet with Lyubov Uspenskaya.

Alexander Panayotov admitted that this time it was especially exciting for him to enter the festival stage – he performed the song “Run, Run ..” with Lyubov Uspenskaya in front of a hall of many thousands even without a rehearsal.

“It’s even more adrenaline, especially in such a large hall – live sound, without rehearsals, we actually saw each other for the first time right now, on stage. It was very exciting, but we managed and I hope Lyuba did not disappoint, ” Alexander said after the speech.

By the way, Alexander Panayotov, as it turned out, has a very special attitude towards Peter. The artist loves this city for delicious food. And he advises everyone who visits the Northern capital to boldly enter any catering establishment with the confidence that it will be tasty there.

“In St. Petersburg, I like to eat. Because St. Petersburg has the coolest restaurants. In Moscow too, but there is a street here (Rubinshtein – approx. ed.), where there are a lot of delicious gastro-bars. In general, you can go anywhere and sing very cool! ”, – shared an insider Alexander Panayotov.

Watch our video interview and you will find out who comes up with cool stage images for Alexander Panayotov and what rule he follows.

Alexander Panayotov and Yulia Natyamba, video “Russian TV Week”
Photo: Russian Mediagroup