Although he is currently completely separated from his daughter Alex, who was born in the spring, Leoš Mareš (46) has by no means left his sons Matěj and Jakub behind. He is currently enjoying a men’s ride by the sea with them, where they spend the whole day on the board or enjoy other sports activities. In this regard, the presenter does not let himself be embarrassed and keeps up with his sons and quite a roll on the board!

“Then again, our children haven’t grown that much yet,” he joked Leoš Mareš with a photo of one of his sons sitting on a giant yellow bench that might confuse some. Vendula Pizingerová with her husband Josef and son Pepíček recently settled on a similar coincidence of circumstances when they stopped in Montenegro on their way to Albania.

Of course, the presenter took more photos and videos from his vacation by the sea, so it’s easy to see how his sons Matěj and Jakub have grown up.

Leoš Mareš took his sons on a great vacation. They definitely did not underestimate the equipment.

Mares, who became a father quite early, at least by today’s standards, can enjoy leisure time with them that other fathers could only dream of. After all, we already saw this last year when he took his sons and his mother on vacation to Dubai.

Of course, the fact that he is in much better shape than his peers also contributes to this, so he can keep up with his teenage sons with complete control. And they are not only a serious competition for him on the board!

Leoš Mareš already rolled on the board while on vacation in Dubai.

Since childhood, they have been led to sports, which their mother Monika Poslušná is also involved in, so they definitely don’t just roll around by the pool or the sea on vacation.

It will be interesting to wait to see what Leoš will do with his daughter Alex when she grows up a bit…