Once again, Shakira Y Alexander Sanz Rumors of a possible relationship are becoming a trend. The rumors have been around recently, but it is believed that they could be more real than some think, since Alejandro dedicated an emotional message to Shakira along with an old video of the two.

It is worth mentioning that the rumors between the two singers could have a relationship that began more than 15 years ago, but a large part of their followers continue to hope that at some point there will be more than just a friendship between them.

The Spanish singer appeared on social networks to dedicate an emotional congratulations to Shakira on his 46th birthday, but the message has generated doubts in the followers of both artists about a possible romance between the two.

It is known that the couple of singers have known each other since approximately 2005, when Alexander Sanz collaborated on Shakira’s song called «Torture«. The song was about heartbreak and became very famous at that time and thanks to that song, rumors of a possible romance began.

The message that Alejandro published on the networks says the following:

Shaki, the years go by and here we continue, orbiting this very cosmic friendship that life gave us. I congratulate you, I celebrate you and I love you.

So far the two singers have expressed their appreciation and admiration for each other, but unfortunately they have not been able to agree at the right time to seek a relationship that is more than a friendship, because we have to wait and see what can happen in the coming months. .