Alcohol use is still a serious problem in Russia, declared TASS Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko. According to the federal minister, the decline in alcohol consumption has stopped.

During a speech at the Health of the Nation forum, Murashko said that alcohol is “a scourge that we must overcome.” According to him, alcohol is a so-called trigger that can aggravate the course of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases.

“Yes, we have achieved some success, over the past ten years the amount of alcohol consumed has decreased by more than 40%, but in the last year, unfortunately, the dynamics has stopped,” says the head of the Ministry of Health.

He added that smoking is also an important problem, but in Russia there is a trend of “awareness of the harm of smoking.” The total number of smokers in Russia decreased by more than 6% last year. Such dynamics will continue in 2022, Murashko summarizes.

According to the World Health Organization, Russia belongs to regions with a very high risk of cardiovascular mortality, which is also affected by excessive alcohol consumption. In 2021, the demand for strong alcohol in large bottles (1 liter) increased by 30-60% in Russia, and the share of this format in the category of whiskey, rum and liqueurs exceeds 10%.

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