On August 2, the Day of the Airborne Troops was celebrated in Kadoma. Those who had the honor to serve in these troops gathered in the central square of Kadoma.

The paratroopers were congratulated by the head of the administration of the Kadomsky district Alexander Kochetkov:

“The military prowess and professionalism of the “blue berets” are known far beyond the borders of our country. Paratroopers in any difficult situation show courage, courage and determination. “Winged infantry” is always at the forefront, they are entrusted with the most difficult combat missions. Now our paratroopers adequately continue the military, patriotic traditions of their predecessors and firmly stand guard over the interests of the state.”

Then they laid flowers at the memorial to fellow countrymen and paid tribute to the memory of the Kadom hero, paratrooper Valery Drozdov, who died in the Chechen Republic.

Later, on Lake Beloye, the paratroopers played a volleyball match with a team of Kadomites, in which they won. Congratulations on the holiday were heard from the workers of the regional House of Culture. They prepared a musical program. Yulia Komarova sang the song “My brother is a paratrooper” for her brother Yevgeny. The concert ended with the traditional song of the landing troops “Sineva”. Guests were treated to watermelon and lemonade.

Vladislav Ovsyannikov:

“Many thanks to the organizers of today’s meeting – the employees of the Palace of Culture. I am sure that everyone today received excellent impressions both from the game and from the excellent performance of the songs. I hope that this will become a good annual tradition that will bring us all together.”